ROOTBLAST® is a once a year natural plant growth formula that promotes faster growing, healthier plants with bigger roots.



• All plants, Flowers, Vegetables, Houseplants, Shrubs & Trees
• Easy to use, No mixing with water
• All natural, hormone-free 2-1-2 micro-nutrient formula
• Simply add Rootblast to your soil and watch your plants grow
• Promotes a larger root system
• Faster plant growth
• Produces lusher, healthier plants
• Increases plant yield up to 300%
• Once a year is all you need
• Ideal for transplanting and seed germination


NOW you too can grow your plants BIGGER in nearly half the time! Only one application of 1½ teaspoon, per plant, per season of the ROOTBLAST® formula has started a gardening revolution around the world! 

Average fertilizers only work on full-grown plants, whereas Root Blast targets the critical root system delivering a powerful punch of rich nutrients. The results are faster growth, fuller foliage and of course a strong root system. Root Blast is equally effective on mature plants providing an increased growth spike.



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