GRASSBLAST™ 8-6-5 micronutrient organic blend is ideal for all grass applications.
You spend a lot of time to make your lawn beautiful and then you get brown, dry spots or bare spots. We’ve developed a formula that will take care of those unsightly blemishes in your lawn. Grassblast lawn formula is a blend of reformulated Rootblast and organic sources combined with Urea, a quick release source of nitrogen so you get an immediate release for a quick robust start and fast deep root development and the organic benefits of a slow release for longer feeding, allowing you to reduce the time you spend behind your spreader. You won’t have to apply as frequently as quick-release fertilizers, saving you money as well as time.
Grassblast is hormone-free and naturally environmentally safe to use. Just one teaspoon per square foot or three tablespoons per one square yard is all you need to apply to create a healthier lawn. Apply to existing lawns for general feeding, or use with seed on those problem areas such as brown dry spots, bare spots, dog spots, sparse growth areas and new sod or seeded areas.
  • Micronutrient organic blended formula is ideal for all grass applications.
  • Grows new roots and thickens established lawns.
  • Use on new seed and sod without risk of burning.
  • The cure for brown spots, bare spots, and pet spots.
  • Exceptional deep rooting helps cut down on watering.
  • More roots mean thicker lawns that choke out weeds.
Horticultural experts believe that plants will take what they need and thrive if the major and minor elements are balanced. We’ve put this balance into all of our formulas, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the results!
Use with new seed, sod or to boost established lawns. It will not burn the germinating seeds thus giving a solid takeoff and boosts exceptional deep rooting when used under sod, thus cutting down on required watering. Use a top dressing on established lawns for a thicker, healthier lawn thus choking out weed development. Great for those dry, brown or bare spots too. Environmentally safe to use around pets.
Apply up to 3 times per year. 347gm