Sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle to keep pimples, blemishes, and blackheads under control. Klear Activ TM was developed in response side effects from prescription medications. Klear Activ TM is fast and easy routine for the person who has occasional pimples as well as moderately advanced acne. It treats the current outbreak and helps to prevent future outbreaks. Klear Activ TM is an all-in-one acne fighting system designed to clean your skin, deliver active ingredients to the pores which helps clear up acne and other blemishes, and minimize future outbreaks.

Get rid of acne pimples, blackheads and blemishes once and for all!
DEEP PORE CLEANSER Removes oil, dirt, and dead cells allowing the pharmaceutical grade Benzoyl Peroxide to go into the pores to attack bacteria.
OIL-REDUCING TONER Neutralizes excess oil and helps unplug pores. Soothes and cools with Aloe and Chamomile.
ACNE REPAIR LOTION Medicated formula works invisibly to clear up blemishes and blackheads without dryness or peeling. Protects skin and heals acne 24 hours a day.

Notification: If going outside, use a sunscreen. Allow Klear Active Lotion to dry, then follow the directions on sunscreen labeling.